Friday, April 18, 2014

The Best Philippine Drama Ever!


It's been a while since I watch Philippines drama. The last time I watched was She Wolf.

But now I have new addiction and interest. Which is BCWMH a.k.a Be Careful With My Heart.

I just love this drama. It has been aired in Malaysia on TV3 since October 2013. And of course, due to the trending on twitter and with so many good reviews on this drama that makes me eager to watch. 

The total episodes are 400++ with each episodes of 25 minutes long. So it should be 200++ episodes for 1 hour aired time. Even now in Philippine the drama is still airing. But it's okay though.  Luckily there's one website that update all the recent episodes. So I manage to watch every episodes online without cut but without Malay or English subtitle. But it's quite a relieve to know that not all the dialogues are spoken in Filipino. There's English too. So, I manage to understand a little.

The reasons why do I love it so much?

It's because of the story itself and the casts. No big or nonsense conflicts like any other drama. No such evil casts. Every main and important casts are all nice people. It makes me relaxes and happy while watching this.  By the way this story is about family, love, dreams. About a daily life story of both Maya and Sir Chief families. They really inspires me. Full of good values.There's laugh, cry, tense which is normal in our daily life.

This is the only drama that I adore every casts. Maya, because of her brightness, positivity and never give up on her dreams to be a flight attendance. Sir Chief, because of his calm attitude, his love and how he cares for Maya and his children, and his respect for his workers. Then there's Abby, a cute adorable girl. Nikki, with her trademarks G-R-R-R, oh my G. Luke the cute and charming older brother that cares for his sisters both Abby and Nikki. Then the house helpers, Doris, Sabel that always gossiping in a funny way. With caring Nanang Fe and cool driver Joma. I love how every time they are on vacation, all of them are going together include the helper and driver. Then there's Nicolo, a friend of Luke that have a crush on Nikki. He always tease Nikki and they just look cute together. Then there is Maya family. Kute a.k.a Chistina Rose with her tomboyish character but she do cares for her family. Cho, a cute chubby boy whom is good at acting. Nanai Teresita and Mamang for their characters. Their acting are superb. Like a real one. It feels like they're all really close together.

And now, I am still doing marathon on this drama online. Even though there's tons of episodes but every episodes never bore me.