Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Birthday picnic kat Tasik Darul Aman

Greetings all.

Last saturday we all adik beradik buat surprise birthday party untuk mama (not that surprise Sebulan dah plan nak buat ala2 birthday picnic. Economical yet simple. Hehe.

I suggested the theme for the attire is white blouse/shirts and royal blue for tudung.Nampak naik plak combination these two colours kan? 😍👍

Menu haritu just take away ja. Pizza hut 2 large pizzachicken bucket marrybrown. My sis buat egg sandwich and bought apples and oranges for dessert. Specialnya my bro in law made a brownies and cheese cake instead of typical birthday cake for mama. Serious sedap!! Boleh open order ni. 😙

Another 2 MIA. 😞

Special brownies.nyummy😙

For decoration just recycle happy birthday wording from rayyan's birthday beli kat mr diy. Ballons pun kt mr diy.😊

For gifts my sis bought a purse for her. Glad she loved it!😙

Eventhough it was a lil' bit rushed but we enjoyed each other. 😙😙😙

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