Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Best Friend's Engagement


Yesterday was my best friend's engagement. My closest friend. I am so happy for her. At last, she found the right one. I do still remember, back then when we were still in matriculation, she was the one that said to me that she didn't want to get involved in any type of relationship with man throughout study time. But now, look? She's is the one that getting engaged first as we were always doubting of who will be the next mrs-to-be. haha

My friend whom was getting engaged yesterday was the only friend that I always turned to when I was heartbroken as we were always "satu kepala". We do have nicknames for each other, me as Peah and her as Minah. haha. 

Back then, her home place at kampung was my favorite place to "membawa diri" after my first broke up. Environment at her kampung  really calmed me. That's why I often went to her house for a mind-free-release-tension-vacation. 

But  as we were both studying at different university, we rarely hangout together. But we are still in contact and she is the only one that always contact me (as I am not fond of calling people).  haha. She even asked me to stay at her home for her engagement. Unfortunately I couldn't make it as I was at Cameron Highlands for a family short-trip holiday. Nevertheless, I am not going to missed out her upcoming nikah day. As I have promised her to be her bridesmaid. Ohhh, I can't wait for that day. I am so happy for her. =)

p/s : still waiting for my turn. InsyaAllah, one fine day!

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