Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Story of Vegetarian

One day a woman went to a restaurant to have dinner. Her name is Alyssa.


Waiter : Welcome miss. Here's the menu.

Alyssa : Thank you.

Waiter : What would you like to have, miss?

Alyssa : Erm, I would like to have something vegetarian, please...and also a plain water.

Waiter : Vegetarian..?

Alyssa : Yes, as I'm a vegetarian. Do you have problem with that?

Waiter : No..No.. Sorry miss. Okay, order are taken. Your order will be served for a few moment.

A few moment later...

Waiter Here's your food. Thank you and enjoy your dinner.

Alyssa : (With a surprised look) What is this?? Why do you bring me a lamb chop?? I thought I had ordered something vegetarian!!

Waiter : This is a vegetarian, miss. The lamb itself is a vegetarian.

Alyssa : .................................

Waiter : If you don't like it, I can bring you a beef. As the beef is also a vegetarian.

Alyssa : Please call your manager!!!!

*inspired by The Life of Pi

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